Location: Tobago Cays

Today we woke up to a breakfast by head chef JP and his co-stars: Marion and Lance. After clean-up, we all worked together to help stow away dive gear in the laz and make sure we were ready to get underway to the Tobago Cays. (yes, that is correct. It is cays pronounced keys. I was shocked too.) It was about a 4-hour long passage over, in which we were able to put up some sails. After being anchored for so long, most of us missed being on passage, so a sail day felt quite nice. We arrived at the Tobago Cays and anchored there just after lunch, and the view really was incredible. There were so many small islands around us, and they all looked unreal. Everything was simply picturesque (minus the super mega-yacht with a helicopter landing anchored next to us). Following anchoring, we all took a fish identification quiz for marine biology class and had a study hall afterward until dinner; for dinner, we all donned our best Hawaiian shirts and headed over to Petit Bateau (one of the islands in the Cays) for dinner. Brahm manned the grill and cooked us burgers. We brought over various side dishes we had cooked from the boat, as well as a cheesecake for Adina’s birthday made by Seve. We swam and ate and listened to music until about 8 in the evening when we were shuttled back home (Argo).

Pictured: Cockpit vibes on the way to the Tobago Cays; island vibes for our beach bbq and exploration; sunset; the triplets.