Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Today was not an ordinary day, not that we have those around here anyway, but you get the idea. Today was the first big excursion day of our trip, and from the sounds of the stories– it’s getting rave reviews. I was trying to get a few summaries to include for you all, and the dishy pit provided “epic,” “exhausting,” and “wild,” among many others.

For those up early enough to see the sunrise, the massive volcano situated in the center of Nevis was slowly backlit, and then hues of pink emerged before the greenery of the island landscape was fully revealed. The views, in combination with a wakeup to the Beatles, set up good vibes for a morning that started just a few minutes earlier than usual to ensure time for eating breakfast, packing a lunch, and cleaning up all before starting dingy runs to shore 08:00. In no time the crew was taking their first steps onto Nevis where we then divided into groups. While some chose to see beautiful flora of both local and international origin, others embraced the challenge of biking all the way around the island. I’ve heard that the botanical gardens were stunning and full of lizards while featuring plants most had never seen before. The bike ride had seemingly endless uphill stretches that paid off when a delicious and air-conditioned (a rare treat) restaurant made a perfect lunch stopping point just before an extended downhill cruise back to the starting point.

Following an exhilarating adventure day, everyone had a bit of time to explore with friends on their own. For many, this included stocking up on snacks and visiting local cafes and shops. Before dinner, the whole crew met back up on the beach for our first sign-out night of the semester to have a drink together and splash around along the shore. Upon return to the boat, we enjoyed some pad Thai-style noodles for dinner and discussed what miniature-sized animal sidekick we would all like to have for life.