Location: Falmouth Harbour

7:00 sharp! MC Hammer blasts through the salon at full blast. As I wake people up, they give me withering stares as they rise up from their deep slumber. 30 minutes later, we all sit down for some breakfast which was some good old blueberry bagels with almost any spread you could think of; cream cheese, peanut butter, jam, honey, the works! After a quick and efficient clean up we head downstairs for a marine-bio lesson from our brilliant instructor Steve!

After learning about algae, mangroves, seagrass, and much more for a quite informative hour, we were about to start our seamanship lesson from Calum when he ordered us to walk the plank into the warm Caribbean waters to wake us up from our zombie-like state; due to our late-night shenanigans. We learned about all sorts of boats and safety measures and finished up with a bowline tying lesson. Before lunch, we set up our scuba gear for our afternoon dive, where we would practice our navigational skills with compasses.

Lunch consisted of a delightful English meal of “bangers and mash” prepared by our wonderful head chef Calum and sous chefs Nicole and Nic. After our meal, we went diving, where we saw an octopus, hermit crab, and sea urchins, as well as practicing our navigational skills with our buddies. Meanwhile, Alice and Alex went on an exciting, fun dive and saw some Blue Tangs, stingrays, and Barracuda.

After learning some Gin Rummy from Ethan, we had a superb Quiche to finish our dinner off. Following our cleaning ritual, we selected “The Hunt for the Wilderpeople” to watch all together. After 10:00, we started our night watch cycle as we slept soundly, preparing for a new day full of good times and new adventures.

Oceanstar and the crew love me so much. I’ll be back tomorrow!