Location: Grenada

The crew awoke with a keen sense of optimism for a full day ashore on the spice island of Grenada. With everyone up and belly’s full of this morning’s delightful breakfast, the shipmates settled in for a couple of hours of morning academics when news spread of a clogged head (for all you landlubbers, that’s boat speak for toilet). Fortunately for everyone, the first mate and liveaboard superman, Kris Stevenson, was on hand to problem solve. Within a matter of minutes, the head had been completely rebuilt, a quick 3000psi burst of air through the pipes, and minimal poo spillage everything was in working order once again. There is an abundance of activities and adventures to be had in Grenada, and the Argo crew set off in small groups to explore. Some came home with stories of an old communist airfield littered with scrapped Russian jets. Some ventured into the island capital, St Georges, to experience the hustle and bustle of the local markets while others chose some R and R time catching some rays on Grand Anse Beach. With everyone back aboard and a dinner of Sloppy Joe’s living up to its name, the crew prepares for a night out at Prickly Bay Marina and a legendary pub quiz night.