Location: Treasure Island

Alas our GPS can not be given due to the fact that we are anchored outside of Norman Island in the BVI. For you landlubbers out there it is indeed the same island that Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote about in his book Treasure Island. In fact we can gaze off the bow of O’Star and see Spy Glass Hill and Skull Rock. As we arrived here today we navigated our small boats to shore and went exploring (snorkeling) some caves. Everybody was instructed to look for shining underwater relics made of gold. But our searches came up in vain. Afterwards we came back on board and put away our underwater exploration gear (SCUBA stuff) for the last time. There was a moment of silence as it was a sad day knowing that our diving for the trip was done. But our spirits could not be broken and we soon re-rigged our main boom to turn it into a boom swing, soon the crew were swinging and having a great time. Tonight we are wrapping up the semester with some closing thoughts and a secret briefings on all the treasures that we found, which brings me back to the reason we have no GPS, Treasure.