Location: Antigua

We are back in ANTIGUA! Yes, today we are for real back: shore time and all. We started the day out with a delightful breakfast made by Drew. Clean up, then POW! We launched right into a somewhat surprising last rescue diving scenario. We had a panicked Drew diver and a missing diver named weight-belt who mysteriously turned into a missing Meg. Drew’s panic was, as always, very panicky until he became tired and peacefully climbed back onto the boat. Meanwhile, Mrs weight-belt was definitely missing for a bit more time than she should have been. However, even with crazy bad visibility, search teams successfully performed a U pattern search and found the belt, then managed to get missing Meg up to the surface and safely into the dinghy. After careful consideration and deliberation, staff deemed that we passed the scenario, and that marked our second successful scenario and the end of our rescue diver training! Wooo. Soon after, we all got ready and hopped into the dinghy for a nice shore day. I can’t really speak for what the boys did, something about a last group lunch and a few souvenirs. As for the girls, we wandered around some shops and did some super yacht viewing, overwhelmed the boat supply shop, and then went over to a little restaurant for a delicious lunch. We headed back to the dock, where we found Heather and Meg and helped with the last provisioning run, then transitioned into the last boat shower. We had some great music going, and some bow flips. Then dinner, veggie bake, and sausages, and now the Christmas music is rolling in the salty pit, and everyone is preparing for a movie night.