Location: 38*44.4'N 34*27.90'W

As we sail East, hours are turning into days, and days blur into hours. Have we been on passage for 17 days or one long contiguous day?
We’ve gotten to the point where passage life feels like second nature, we’ve got the perfect ratio of oatmeal to water figured out (with a sprinkle of brown sugar, raisins, and cinnamon), getting dressed in the dark isn’t a challenge anymore, we have become kings and queens of napping, and our sail handling skills are becoming more refined and efficient. Even though passage life follows the same rhythm day in day out, the ocean keeps us on our toes. It presents us with awe-inspiring moments: from dolphin and whale sightings, stunning sunsets, glowing bioluminescence, starry night skies, and flat mirror-like oceans to cold gusty winds and stormy, rainy nights that soak our foul weather gear and make us wish we were bundled up in bed with a hot chocolate in hand.
As our passage to the Azores is coming to an end, our conversations are starting to evolve more and more around foods that we are craving and things we are looking forward to on land. Bakeries and pastries seem to be very high on everyone’s bucket list, and we hope that the Azores will not disappoint. And of course, we are looking forward to reconnecting with the “real” world, but mostly, reconnecting with you all who are reading this blog. We miss you and can’t wait to talk to you all soon.
Much love from all of us!

189 Nautical Miles to go
– Leoni

1. From left to right: Freddie, Calum, Brianne, and Tom (Dylan and I are missing, some of us still gotta do the work)
2. Fun in the dishy-pit: Wyatt, Alexa, and Kaleigh (Background: Jessie and Jack)
3. Velas Nail-Salon: Tom painting Savannahs nails