Location: 03,52.24S;31,18,60W

Day 37

It’s been almost 12 days since we left St. Helena, and once again, we find ourselves nearing the end of another long passage. It has been almost two weeks of lots of ocean, clouds, and a little rain. Once again, it was oatmeal that marked the beginning of our day, although it was at lunch that we realized today was going to be something special. A delicious pan of homemade (or should I say boat made) macaroni and cheese with some green beans, which was just what we all needed to prepare ourselves for the end of the passage. Cooked by Allie, Steph, and Calum, it was just one of many (two) delicious meals that kept us going through the day.

By now, cleanup has come and gone.

Last time we had oceanography, it was midterm day, meaning we got rewarded with a viewing of Moana instead of the regularly scheduled classes. If I said I didn’t enjoy the change of pace, I would be lying, although I eagerly await my next class. After our movie, many of us did school work, some reading, or if we were lucky, randomly won the lottery (unfortunately, no one got lucky today). Speaking of delicious homemade meals, someone (the previously mentioned chefs, most likely) decided to make Dorito flavored chicken nuggets, although, to their credit, it was.. good.

By now, Dinner cleanup has come and gone.

I am currently yelling about triuangkes (the word I meant to type is a shape in which one can employ the use of the Pythagorean theorem (a^2+b^2=c^2) to calculate the lengths of the sides, you may now guess what word I mean to type) and semi-circles.