Location: Cartagena, Spain

Today we awoke to the smell of muffins being gently wafted across the rooms. However, this was probably the nicest wake up ever to have occurred on Argo some were still not that enthused to get out of a warm bunk and into the darkness that is still our mornings as the sun doesn’t often decide to appear until after 8. I am pleased to say we learned a new skill today, the Argonauts can now successfully pirouette, it isn’t graceful, it won’t get them a job, but they can spin like no other. Once Maggie had finished enriching our lives with brilliant bits of ballet, we got to cutting stuff up! Hoo raahhh! Squid and mussels fell beneath our blades as we all got to play Dexter for science class. Once this had been cleaned up, it was Webination time, Skype, Facetime, regular phones, and anything else that could be used for chit chats as people managed to get in touch with home, dogs included. After a dinner of spag bol (that’s American for Spaghetti Bolognese, I told you I would learn lots on this trip!), it was study hall and a chance to catch up on some reading for classes. On a philanthropic note, we are all going to grow mo’s! Check out www.movember.com and look for the Argo team once we get internet next, donate and help us look a little strange but do a lot of good. Till next time, yours sincerely. set date: 2012-10-17