Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Well, we’re off on day three, and things are getting spicy on Oceanstar (literally, there is a ton of hot sauces on board!). Our small group of seven is hitting it off well already and making up for our lack in numbers with high spirits, although we all are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our last crew member, Samantha! Our day was kicked off by waking up to The Final Countdown (by Europe), which created an even more energetic atmosphere. After breakfast, we were finally ready to hit the high seas. We learned a lot about rigging/ de-rigging the boat and learning the lines (not ropes). With five sails trimmed to perfection, we dropped our mooring and sailed off into the open waters. Everyone got a chance to take the helm and steer Ocean Star down the Sir Francis Drake Channel. The wind was perfect, and we made it to Virgin Gorda in a great time. Once there, we learned how to drop anchor in Savannah Bay. The staff all agreed that they are already impressed with our accelerated learning and sailing savvy. Once in the bay, we took our trusty dingy, Exy, ashore, to go on a nature hike. On land, we explored our way around the different habitats that exist on both the windward and leeward sides of the island. The night rolled on with the games on the beach and more SCUBA class. After a long day on the sea, everyone was exhausted early, but we’re all getting really excited to dive tomorrow. We send all our best home to the States and Canada. Hope all is well and remember not to worry about us, nobody is in any rush to leave this tropical paradise. Goodnight from the Ocean Star Crew!