Location: Port Denerau, Viti Levu, Fiji

Hi from Fiji!! Crazy to think that the last time I was skipper, we were in the middle of the Pacific, and now I am writing to you all from Fiji! Today on Argo, we woke up to the smell of pancakes cooking in the galley and then proceeded to eat these pancakes, chocolate chip ones, btw, while on deck taking in the view of beautiful green Fijian islands. I could definitely get used to this. After breakfast and clean up, those working towards their rescue diver certification got in the water to practice rescue exercise 7 with pocket masks. Those who aren’t doing rescue spent the morning tanning, swimming, reading, and finishing up their marine bio species logbooks–one of our last school assignments of the semester!! After this, we all enjoyed risotto for lunch made by nic and his sous chefs. After lunch, the rescue divers took their exam while the non-rescue folks had some free time. Post-exam, a mass crisis hit Argo…one minute, everyone was fine, on deck hanging out after the exam, and the next, Tim, Steph, Amanda, and Gabe were overboard and in dire need of assistance from the soon-to-be rescue divers!! All the stress caused Elle to faint on deck, and then she, too, required emergency care. though this was quite a situation, it was no match for the rescue divers, and everyone was saved…more or less. (in case any of you at home need clarification, our instructors did not all of a sudden forget how to swim and/or pass out, this was an emergency response scenario). Once everyone was back on deck, and the scenario was debriefed, it was jump-in shower time–a luxury we are all still reveling in following 34 days of deck showers. Soon enough, dinner was out, and among other things, we had what I would deem the best pita bread of the trip thus far. For squeeze, I asked everyone what is one way they think they have changed since stepping foot on Argo 93 days ago, and I think the whole group should be proud of the growth that has happened over the course of the 8567 nautical miles we have sailed. Mid-squeeze, we were surprised by some rain, which I think encouraged everyone to get through clean up as quickly as possible. Instead of free time after dinner, we all mustered in the salon for a story about the power notes of kindness can have on someone. We were then each given 27 notecards and instructed to write everyone on board a note about our time together, which are to be passed out on our last night on Argo. as the night got later, and the salon slowly cleared out, I headed up on deck for my 9-10 pm anchor watch. Day 93 was a good one here on Argo, and I feel so lucky to have another week left in Fiji, with all the wonderful people I have met while on this adventure.

xoxo, Renee

Una performing some life-saving CPR on Amanda
$elfie time!! me, Elie, and Gil
Felipe helping a drowning Gabe up the ladder
overall rescue scenario madness featuring Steph, Izzy, Trevor, and Sam