Location: Underway to St. Kitts

Day 10 started off with some shore time in Road Town, Tortola, to do provisioning and exploring. Everyone was stoked to go on land and get their coffee fix and do some shopping. The real adventure began, however, when we got back to Ocean Star. Headed from the BVIs to St. Kitts for our first passage!! With about a day and a half at sea ahead of us, we all dawned our PFD’s (personal floatation devices) raised the sails and broke into our three watch teams. Team 1- Captain Jack, Ivy, Boots, and Noah. Team 2- Matty, Shea, Brandon, and Megan. Team 3- Tor, Mollie, Sam, and Jon. Watch is a 3 hour time period where you and your team sail the ship and do hourly maintenance checks and charting. So we all get three hours on deck sailing and 6 hours off to relax. This first passage was rough, and Mother Nature got the best of over half of our ship mateys via sea sickness. As it stands now, only Shea, Noah, Matty, and Ivy remain in the No- Chuck- Club. Regardless of how they felt, everyone did their best during their watch hours. It is pretty amazing to me to be at the helm, sailing under the starlight, with no land in sight. Onward to St. Kitts!