Location: Bequia

This morning we all woke up with maximum efficiency as we prepared to dive before a highly awaited snack run in Bequia. Dive kits were set up before the chocolate chip pancakes were even served and Andrew was up by 6:00 working hard in the dishie pit determined to go onshore before lunch. After breakfast, some of us did a navigation dive off the side of Argo, while another group of us ventured farther to complete our deep dive for the advanced open water certification. Both groups had tons of fun and saw lots of incredible sea life. A major highlight in the deep dive was an absolutely enormous lobster and the free-swimming spotted moray eel. Due to maximum efficiency, diving was done by 9:30, and we were in the dinghies headed to land by 10:00 am. Bequia was undoubtedly one of the coolest places we have gotten to explore, with both a grocery store, multiple fruit stands, and a much-enjoyed pizza stand. Many Hawaiian shirts, buckets, hats, and other accessories were purchased in preparation for the long-anticipated beach barbeque tomorrow night. After what some might consider a soggy lunch during one of many frequent Caribbean rain showers, dive tanks were refilled, and kits were set up as the other two groups prepared for their navigation dive. Our compass skills were put to the test, and while some of us took longer than others, we all made it back to Smash eventually and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to have some freedom and explore under the boat with our dive buddies. We then completed our last ever Marine Bio lecture, followed by some free time before a delicious dinner of chicken tacos. Tonight the last group gets to go on their night dive, exploring the depths of the sea in the dark.

1. Jake and Lolo preparing for a dive
2. Sarah, Lolo, Margaux, and Jake working on Divemaster scenarios
3. Argo and the beautiful view
4. Anna and Andrew hard at work as deckies
5. Fun times in the salon after marine bio
7. Micheal and Ethan exploring Bequia
8. Enjoying our delicious chicken tacos