Location: Underway to Caribbean

Today was what I believe to be similar to a majority of our days now. My day started early with a wakeup of 3:30 for my watch that ended at 8:00. Where we got to enjoy a spectacular sunrise before having the next watch team take over. After that, a majority of the watch team went back to sleep. We were allowed to sleep in till 11:30 today because the chefs, Skylar, Calli, and Miles, did an amazing job and got food up on time. We had some lovely pesto pasta with a small side salad and zucchini. Immediately after lunch, we started clean-ups, which was happily interrupted by us catching a fish. After that, we resumed clean-ups. Promptly after that, we went straight into oceanography, where we took a quiz and found out what the remainder of the passage looks like pertaining to Will’s class. We are definitely all learning valuable life skills such as time management. From there, we began Nav Master with Stich and Mac, where we were introduced to yet another new topic. I worked with Daisy on the new concept and we were successful and feeling better about it compared to previous classes. After that, group 3 (Gordon, Del, Daisy, Taylor, and Wednesday) had a retry of their EFR scenarios and successfully kept everyone alive- meaning they passed. For dinner, we had said fish that was caught earlier in the day, along with tortilla soup. My squeeze question for today was, “If you could ask a fortune teller anything, what would you ask them?” There were very interesting questions asked. These next few days are very busy when it comes to class.

Also, Rob, Joe, and I passed yet another PSCT exam with flying colors. 2/5 exams are done, and we should complete another two exams in the next two weeks.

Hey Mom and Dad, I hope everything is going well. I can’t wait to tell you about everything that has happened. Love yall both!

– Gabby S.