Location: The Atlantic

Hello, to all those reading Argo’s blog!
We had another day of good weather and sailing today. Everyone has been pretty busy on board as we get closer to arriving at the Azores. When we arrive, our lit reviews are all due for oceanography, so it’s very common to go downstairs to the saloon and see people with their laptops open finishing that up. In other class news, we all passed the VHF certification test we took yesterday! Now that the VHF test is done, we are starting to go over the material to get our navigation master certification. Up on deck, we had some pretty good views too. We saw three other ships over the course of the day, which is the most that we have seen in a day since taking to the Atlantic. The sight of dolphins swimming next to the boat is now commonplace enough that we are not shouting down to tell everyone about them as we have in past days. In other news, Celine wrote lyrics to a sea shanty yesterday, and some of the musicians on board are planning on putting it to music, so that should be fun. Julia also made some killer garlic bread today.
I hope everyone back at home is doing well; we are loving life here on Argo.