Location: Baie Tapuamu, Tahaa, French Polynesia

Today was hot and cloudless; the members of the PSCT course started last-minute studying the moment they awoke in order to prepare for our first test (which had a mandatory 90% grade to pass, no big deal. right?). Meanwhile, the majority of the crew mastered the art of buoyancy control as they dove off the shores of a set of idyllic coral Motus. Directly as the first team of divers was about to set off, we were greeted by a seaplane. The day was full of fun, sun, and salt as dive team after dive team made their way into the warm turquoise blue waters around our 112′ floating home. Lunch was an assortment of leftovers from the night before; they were even more delicious than the originals. After the PSCT test was over and the 5 of us were mentally drained, we hopped into the water as well. Some for buoyancy practice and for those of us in the Rescue diver course, our first real rescue drills. The day ended as peacefully as it started (for most). A painting of thunderheads danced across the sky once again, erupting with chromatic glory as the sun sank behind the cragged peak of Bora Bora. Shades of yellows and greens, reds and blues, mingled amongst themselves, putting on a spectacular light show for the Crew of S/Y Argo. Today was the longest day of the year, so happy summer equinox to those of you out there celebrating (mom, I’m talking to you here). Everything is going amazing as the crew grows closer every day. Much peace and love are wished to all who are reading this. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog to see where we end up next!