Location: Somewhere in the Pacific

Day 2 of our 5-week passage! We are all settling well into our new watch teams. Obviously, Watch Team Three has the best vibes (special shout out to Gabe and Amanda for humoring some of my more intense rap), but the other two are pretty awesome as well.

My day really started with the 8-12 watch last night. Watch Team Three (along with Renee, Riley, and Bella) jammed hard in the cockpit. At around 9:15 pm, we were joined by a pod of dolphins who hung out for a few minutes next to the starboard side. After that, we had another dance party to keep us all awake.

This morning, my watch began with an epic two-hour bow watch with Frankie, where we jammed to Taylor Swift as Argo cruised through the rain. Then Watch Team Three did a little booty workout in the cockpit while everyone else either slept or worked down below. We are all trying to do the One Punch Man workout challenge, so hopefully, we will all be shredded by day 35 of passage!

We then raised the Main Sail and the Jib, which took up the rest of the morning. It was raining and windy, and we all had the best time ever. Now we are properly cruising with four sails up. Lunch was a fabulous soup cooked by the amazing Natalie. After lunch, we had Oceanography with Steph, where we learned about wind patterns, and Leadership with Tim, where we all reflected on the letters we wrote to ourselves on day one. Then we had deck showers, which are always refreshing.

Dinner was some of the best Chicken Satay of my life. Also, we had some phenomenal bread made by Renee. Tonights squeeze question was what did you take for granted before coming on Argo. Answers ranged from long runs, paper towels, and being able to leave a coffee cup on a table.

Looking out at the ocean each night with each sunset more beautiful than the last it’s hard to believe we are really here. I know the next five weeks will challenge all of us but also be the greatest adventure of our lives.

PS Hey, Mom, Dad, Alex, and Christopher! I miss you guys so much, but I am absolutely loving it here. Dad the stars are incredible ☺. I cant wait to tell you all about it!!!

Current position: 0439.42’S x 09540.31’W

Photo 1: Renee killing it on the helm

2: Selfie time at dinner

3. Scrubbn’ dishes