Location: Underway to Saba

Good evening and welcome back to your daily blog, where you get all the latest updates from the crew on Vela. Today was another great day on passage, consisting of the usual watches and classes. Excitement is continuing to grow as we get closer and closer to Saba…our current ETA is very early tomorrow morning! We’re all looking forward to getting back in the water and diving during the next few days.

Top Stories of the Day:
-Before Watch Team 3 began their watch from 8 pm-12 am last night, Katelyn, Anthony, and I dressed up as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.
-Watch Team 2 had a fun watch from 4 am-8 am this morning, where Colm found a flying fish in the dinghy, and they had worour (workout hour). Also, Sonnet broke a personal record for her time on the helm with a whopping 2 hours.
-Katelyn bumped her head while doing a ninja roll on the deck but still managed to push through and accomplish her ninja mission.
-Anthony took a picture with a fish for his new Tinder profile…this one is for you, Alyssa Lollo.
-Head chef Mackenzie cooked us some delicious meals, and this time seasickness didn’t make us lose them!
-We had our last Marine Bio lecture!
-Everyone shared their biggest fears during squeeze (my biggest fear on this boat is that I go into the engine room during a boat check and turn the lights on to see clowns in the bilges, and then the handle on the watertight door breaks so I can’t escape…I know, scary.)
-We had a Goblet of Fire to decide on roles for the student led passage. Meghan is going to be the Skipper, Sonnet the First Mate, Val the Engineer, and I’m going to be the Navigator (We may or may not take a quick detour to Spain. Just kidding. Or am I?)
-Smash has a groovy cup
-Calum and Leoni saw a big rubber ducky. The biggest rubber ducky that Leoni and Calum have ever seen.

And we have a very special announcement to the birthday boy himself, all the way from South Africa…
Happy Birthday Keane!
-From all your favorite people on Vela

To the Gattoni family: Anthony misses you. Hopefully, Tigger is still alive. (Send Alyssa Lollo a rainbow for him -Maddie)

I miss you, mom and dad!

Photo 1: Anthony’s new Tinder photo (if you don’t take a picture with your fish, did you even catch one?)
Photo 2: Calum’s new Tinder photo