Location: Antigua

Today was another great day. After a phenomenal meal of breakfast burritos made by our lovely chefs, Dave and Tor, we transitioned into school mode as we had an OCE class with Ivy, followed by a Navigation class with Kris. After our classes, we had free time as some of us walked around the quaint towns of Antigua, as others opted to take some small 16-foot sailboats out for a spin. Everyone had a blast sailing; however, one of the boats did encounter a small leak with its bailer. Luckily we had serious skipper Maddy to save the day, along with our new local friend (who worked at the yacht club), who finally ended up towing the boat to safety. After everyone returned with big smiles, we all went out to taste the local cuisines and ice creams. Later in the evening, we were all able to relish inshore showers at the local marina. We then proceeded to have another OCE class with special lecturer Kris to give a Ted Talk on global warming and various principles, followed by an interesting discussion and banter.