Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Today kicked off Argo and her crew’s first day of racing in the 2012 Antigua Classics Regatta. Leaving the dock bright and early this morning, we went out into the middle of the harbor to set our sails and work out any last-minute kinks before the other boats came out to play. At 11:00, a gunshot could be heard from the Committee Boat, symbolizing the start of the race. With full sail flying, we crossed the start line with the other big yachts in our class, ready for the day of sailing. Although the wind wasn’t as strong as we hoped, the day was still a success as we tacked and jibed our way around the marks. There is even documentation of our beautiful performances with professional photographers coming up in their own boats to take pictures, and we even had the treat of hosting a photographer on board for the day. It’s amazing what this crew does, in 85 days we have hiked the muddiest of trails into the Caribbean rainforests, scuba dived down a 100 feet, studied for final exams and now are participating in a world-famous regatta while wearing shirts designed by our very own crew.