Location: Antigua

We started the day where we ended the last, underway to Antigua. The passage went smoothly, and Watch Team 3 was even treated to a humpback whale at sunrise. The crew is excited to be on a dock for a few days, which means no waking up for anchor watch! We pulled into Nelsons Dockyard just before lunch (and were welcomed by another whale!) and were amazed at all the mega-yachts and sailboats around. Nelson’s Dockyard is actually a national park in Antigua and its beginnings as a dockyard date back to the 18th century. The overnight passage stoked my appetite, and lunch ashore consisted of a smoked salmon baguette and ice water that took me right to my happy place. After lunch, we cleaned the boat from bow to stern and underneath as well. We had a little more time ashore before dinner for some much-needed showers and laundry. To celebrate Bo’s birthday, we all went on a night out in Falmouth Harbour and had a great time.
Until next time
Captain Jack Sparrow