Location: West End, Tortola

It was so strange to wake up and know that this was our last full day on Ocean Star. These last 79 days have truly been some of the most amazing days of my life. Breakfast was full of reminiscing and story-sharing, only to be followed by a huge BA for almost the rest of the day. Boat appreciation meant cleaning every inch of the boat and making it better than it was before we boarded in September. We started while still anchored and Sandy Spit, where a loggerhead turtle came to say goodbye!!, and finished at Ocean Star’s home, docked at West End. We discover corners of the boat that we did not even know were there, for example, the secret compartment under the laz, and packed the last of the items we had lost at some point during the last weeks. After the boat was up to the best standards, it was time for shower time and dinner out. Shower time was pretty hilarious: We tried to pass the water polo ball around and stuff like that. Before leaving for dinner out at Fish ‘N’ Lime, we had our final squeeze, where we talked about what we will miss most and shared our final words with one another. We agreed that besides all the little, and no so little adventures, what we will miss the most is the group and how its dynamics evolved along the trip.