Location: Singapore

It was our first full day in Singapore, the busiest port in the world. It was also our first day in a city/country that can be simply described as first class. From the towering skyscrapers to the vibrant culture of the westernized Southeast Asian metropolis, Singapore cloaked Argo in a feeling of welcome and hospitality as the shipmates made their way onshore to explore the inner reaches of the city. After a great breakfast by our head chef DJ and his team, a small group of us made our way to the Singapore Aquarium, which boasts of being the largest in the world and did not disappoint. With manta rays that stretch up to 15 feet in width and a shark tunnel that dazes you in amazement, the aquarium proved itself as a must-see attraction while visiting Singapore. Many of the shipmates also made their way to the many museums that were scattered throughout different neighborhoods. A popular one on the day was the Asian Civilization Museum which was rich in historical artifacts and historical relics from all reaches of the largest continent. It’s without question that Singapore’s accessibility is due to its people. Everyone seems happier here with smiles and greetings. No stranger turned away from providing helpful insight on directions and information around the city to fellow shipmates. This helped greatly in our pursuit of the many attractions around the city and likewise to return to Argo without paying extensively for transport services. As the crew returned to Argo and began to swap stories, I was able to reflect back on the day and appreciate the moment when I was able to speak with my parents for the first time this trip due to service issues. It was calming to be able to talk to my parents again, and it made me realize the appreciation that I have for them and this trip. As my last act as skipper for the day, I made my squeeze question for the crew. What have you grown to appreciate or become thankful for on this trip? I feel that any of the parents reading this blog, you would be proud of the answers my fellow shipmates had. In the end, I guess it was pretty appropriate in light of the Thanksgiving season. Tonight we welcome another crew-member onboard Argo, but I will let tomorrow’s skipper fill you in on those details. God Bless.