Location: FL

Now that Im back on land, one of the hardest things to do every day, is think of an appreciation for the Squeeze. On Argo, appreciations rolled off the tonguethis funny thing happened on watch, that funny thing happened after class, and of course, there was always the mandatory appreciation of the sous chefs for the Head Chef of the day. But on land, in quarantine, sometimes the appreciations for the day seem few and far between. Still missing Argo, still missing the ocean, its sometimes difficult to find something positive to focus on for an hour.

Even in quarantine, with no one to see and what feels like a million miles between Argo and us, Squeeze forces us to find that something positive, to find something to appreciate out of all the things we didnt want. Missy worked out for four days in a row, the staff made pizza, Lily and Kerry went to the grocery store, and I walked my dog (who is not a stuffed animal, Smash!). These may seem like simple, mundane things, but when were all so far apart, locked away from each other and our boat, theyre all we have. A bit of fun, a bit of sun, to shine through what could otherwise be a miserable situation. Without our daily appreciations, it would be easy to let all the negativity and loneliness get to our heads. Still, with them, were reminded that we can always find something to smile about, even if that something isnt on Argo.