Location: Underway to Devil's Island

Greetings, family, friends, and everything in between.
Today has been a day filled with excitement and anticipation. However, we still went through everything as usual. Watch Team 1 had a stellar 4-8 am watch. Congratulations to Will for winning “Forb” (Guessing the time at which you will see the “full orb” of the sun over the horizon). Time flew by with great conversations and lots of laundry. As 12:00pm rolled around, the crew was up at ready to start the day. After a killer lunch made by Emma and her Sous chefs, we went right into our classes. Ben led us through our marine biology lecture, which taught us about marine mammals. This is our last lecture for our test coming up, a test that we are all very excited about. Afterward, we had a sail-handling intermission. All hands were on deck, and we truly felt like a crew again. We took down both the Jib and the main sail while we took the main staysail up. While a crew of us had a chaotic and somewhat frustrating session of flaking the main sail, we were now more prepared for anchorage at Devil’s Island. Navmaster quickly followed, in which we learned about running fixes and how to plot them on a chart.

However, as we continued to sail into shallower water and approached the notorious Devil’s Island, it felt eerie and off-putting. The sky has turned hazy, and the water has turned green as we are welcomed into the waters off of French Guyana. This approach has definitely felt different compared to Fernando and Saint Helena. Could it be the thousands of lost souls who have perished on Devil’s Island who are trying to warn our ship from entering? Or is it the dairy-wielding monkeys that inhabit Devil’s Island that is preparing for Captain Freddie’s demise? I am unsure. I am sure that we have a great adventure awaiting us as we arrive on this desolate tropical island tonight. Especially the adventure of finding this mystical ‘Wifi Cafe’ that Elder Gabe had spoken of when he last traveled here 13 years ago. I am somewhat skeptical. My final appreciation is teaching Ben how to properly dab someone up as I’ve been writing this. That was sick. That definitely turned a stone in British-American relations. Thank you to all who have been following us on this life-changing adventure, and we can’t wait to tell you all about our day at Devil’s Island tomorrow!
Happy Passover, and shoutout to Justin S.