Location: Port Denerau, Viti Levu, Fiji

Hello once again!
Today was yet ANOTHER great day aboard everybody’s favorite schooner. The day started as all good days do, with a breakfast of yogurt and granola with a cockpit full of fun people. As soon as cleanup was over, the rest of the rescue diver and my class hit the water for some skills practice. It was lucky there are no other boats anchored near us because hearing 10 “panicked divers” all screaming bloody murder for help would have been slightly alarming out of context. While there was quite a bit of solid acting, we also kept our cool and learned some awesome skills as rescuers. Let it be known, un-gearing a limp body from a scuba kit while also giving timed rescue breaths and making sure your victim doesn’t swallow seawater is no joke. We all were great sports and managed to laugh off all the mishaps as they came.

We had the privilege of another wicked sunset today as we ate dinner. There were fiery gold streaks to the west and massive, billowy thunderhead clouds tinted pink over the Fijian mountains. It’s a good life we live here.

Truthfully, today flew by. Time on Argo moves differently. Our only real-time markers are when we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and our only limit is how much light we have left in a day. Some of these last few nights, we’ve pushed backflips and jump in’s to the minutes before food is up as the sun is setting over the horizon. I think we’re all going to miss the time warp very much when we get home, well after our surprise extension 😉

Catch you all on the flip side!
– Giselle


1. our heavenly mini-papayas
2. the crew at dinnertime
3. sunset in Fiji type vibe
4. Riley, Giselle, and Thea making the most of golden hour