Location: Gili Islands

This morning we arrived at the Gili Islands. The first views of the islands look nice and relaxed. The light blue water was really nice, and we wanted to go in. However, as we say in Germany, first the work, then the fun. So we had to clean Argo. Everyone has something to do from the floor until the highest point of the sail. Everything got clean and nice. Some music and the nice weather we had today made the cleaning easier. For lunch we had breakfast at lunch. We only need to have here the final cleaning after lunch to make her nice and sexy everything got polished. After that, we had Marine Biology and learned about sponges and corals, which we will hopefully see tomorrow when we are diving. Finally, after class, we were allowed to jump in the nice water and had our first swimming-style shower in the ocean, which was very fun, and everyone enjoyed it after the hard day. In the evening, we had some chicken stir fry, which was delicious. The squeeze question was: What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened in your life? There came a lot of funny and nice answers. After dinner, Siva taught us how to juggle; everyone learned a lot. Jack and Siva also give us a short intro about the Gili Islands.

In the end, it was nice arriving today and getting to anchor instead of being rocked about.