Location: Atlantic Ocean / Roseau, Dominica

After what seemed to be a very quick two weeks, Argo delivered us safely to the island of Dominica around 1800 local time. We endured a few Caribbean storms as we got closer and closer to the island but it did not bring down our spirits because we were ready to finally enjoy the beauty of our new destination. We made it out of our last storm and there appeared Dominica with one of the brightest rainbows any of us had ever seen. When we arrived we realized that someone had taken our mooring space and we ended up anchoring with our stern lines tied off to a dock on shore. The highlight of the day was finally getting to go swimming, something we had all been looking forward to the entire passage. Our night swim was in 84 F water and was one of the most refreshing things I have ever experienced. I cannot wait to see what else Dominica has in store for us from the Boiling Lake Hike to the Indian River tour; I cannot imagine that we will not like anything though.