Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

It’s another wonderful day here on Argo! Today, we arrived in Antigua at about 12 noon after a couple of days of the voyage, mostly under sail power. After a quick lunch, we rolled into BA. Everyone got to clean their bunks and part of Argo to show our appreciation for her for safely delivering us to our destination. I enjoyed my job of cleaning the sides of Argo with a scrubber and soapy water while standing in the dinghy and pulling a long line to move forward and backward.

A few pleasant surprises that lightened up people’s day include Elene’s brigadiero desert, cold drinks brought back from shore after Freddie went to shore for clearance, and cakes made by Amanda S. and MG to celebrate Amanda C. and Gabe C.’s circumnavigation. Speaking of which, congratulations to Amanda and Gabe again for successfully completing your global circumnavigation on Argo!