Location: Basseterre, St. Kitts

Today we all recovered from the previous night of taking four-hour shifts during the night when we sailed to St. Kitts. During each of our shifts, each watch team shared stories and laughed the night away until the morning came, which thankfully made the ordeal of staying awake much easier. Once everyone was fully awake, we showed our appreciation towards our ship for getting us to St. Kitts by scrubbing her from top to bottom. After a thorough clean, we all gathered around one of our instructors, Steve, and found out we passed the PADI exams, so we celebrated by spending about two hours in the water. Overall today was really great, and tomorrow we’re all going to take a hike to an old fort on the island before spending the rest of the day exploring the town. And on a personal note, I’m really thankful for the crew that I get to sail with, and I am looking forward to our new adventures together!