Location: Grenada

The highlight of the day today was getting to dive a popular site off the shores of Grenada. Everyone, especially me, was very anxious to get back under the water as it had been over a week since our last dive. Alex, Lydia, Brendan, and I were the last group of divers to go down to the spectacular underwater art exhibit. There were numerous statues that an artist had created and sunk in sandy patches around the reef. Sometimes underwater, I would get entranced by the ancient human-looking statues and forget to even take notice of the multitude of colorful fish swimming around. After the dive, we returned to Ocean Star, still rambling about how sick that dive was. We currently just finished dinner and are cleaning up the boat before heading into shore for a surprise night out at a restaurant right on the water, and tomorrow we set sail north to the nearby island of Carriacou.