Location: Virgin Gorda, BVI

TODAY WAS AWESOME. Sorry caps lock was on. The day began when a group of us got to explore BVI (mostly just one cafe). We were shuttled to shore, where we all sat down at a cafe to work on our research projects which are due tomorrow. I ate pancakes, drank two coffees and a smoothie, and did SO MUCH WORK. It was awesome. The rest of the group that was not on shore was completing their nav exams so that they might earn the prestigious title of NAV MASTER. I was in the last group of test-takers, so right before I had to come back to shore at around 3:00 pm, I ate a scoop of ice cream.

The nav exam is crazy. We are each given a map (called a chart), a Portland plotter (basically just a spinny compass), and a divider, and we have an hour and 30 minutes to find as much treasure as we can. Haha, just kidding. We’re given questions such as where we will be in X amount of time if we start at some coordinate position, accounting for the current. Or what our position is based on three bearings (this is called a 3-point fix). It was a lot of work, and it was so hot I was sweating all over my exam. I felt like a madman.

After the nav exam, we ate a stir fry dinner that Sam cooked. It was kind of spicy. Let’s just say I was not having seconds (even though it was delicious) because I’m a bit of a baby… My skipper task of the day was to make everybody build a beat. Each person could contribute to “the beat” by adding a noise when it was their turn in the circle. Nick finished the beat by honking the boat horn. HONK It was awesome

Next up today, we are having a prom. Ginny and I are prom dates. We are the cutest couple on the boat. Ginny and I are planning the prom, and we have decided that we will be king and queen, but we will still hold a vote. However, we will not be counting any of the votes. After prom, we will be having a Toga Rave (Epic) down below. However, I do not have a toga sheet. I was planning to bother Sam about that later, but now that she is looking over my shoulder, I’ve indirectly bothered her about it now. Apparently, Sam doesn’t have her toga sheet either. We will solve this problem later. I’ve GOT to get ready for prom now – I haven’t showered, and I’m gross (ew).

As my favorite role model says, “Incredible stuff.”