Location: Roatan, Honduras

We have arrived at the Parrot Tree Plantation on the Bay Island of Roatan, just off the coast of Honduras. Known for its magnificent diving, we Argonauts are happy to be docked for a change of pace after many days sailing from Jamaica. Given the buggy state of the Argo, what with the unidentifiable creatures occupying the Port 3-man. We have to decide to undertake our most ambitious Boat Appreciation to date. The various tasks were divided out, and we weren’t just scrubbing the decks and bleaching the surfaces. No, we waxed around the entire haul, which spans 112 feet. Cleaned out the bilges, to which I saw many crewmates covered in sweat and among other things.

The Saloon was full of life and music as cabinets were cleaned out, and food was reorganized. It was a solid full day of boat appreciation, and boy were we wiped out and ready for some food. I must make a shout out to Carter, who fully redeemed himself for flooding our room on our first passage. Carter went into the depths of the engine room and scrubbed oily machine parts and made the bilge so spotless that one could eat off it. If I had to describe him at the end of the day, I would have to say he looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. The whole sight was a scene to be seen. This Skipper was pleased to be greeted post Boat Appreciation by another crewmate, Andre, who brought me my first tasted of a southern fried chicken delicacy. Bojangles, ever heard of it? If you haven’t, I suggest becoming one with your inner chicken wing and biscuit. A bunch of us shared the delicious meal at the Parrot Tree Cafe, just off our dock. Tonight is a Full Moon, and you know what they say, anything can happen. All of our hard work seemed to bring good karma, and we were given a spectacular full moon to enjoy on our first full day in Roatan. I always like to celebrate a full moon by going up to the bow-spirit and howling as loudly as I canpart Wolf Part Argonaut.