Location: Bequia

Today we went on to the island of Bequia. After a little bit of boat appreciation, and introduction into turtles, and some lunch, we went to a turtle hatchery. We could see lots of tiny baby hawksbill sea turtles. We were there for about an hour. Before we left, some of the crew thought they might try and get a picture with a group of goats. Needless to say, it, unfortunately, didn’t happen because the goats were too scared of us, but it was still very entertaining to watch. After that, we had some shore time during which I helped provision for the boat. It was a fun time as we hopped between different stores looking for the food we needed for the next week. When we all got back to the boat, a man known as Willy, who has known Ocean Star for over 15 years, came aboard and sold us some of his handmade charms and trinkets. In the end, today was a very fun and surprising day.