Location: Salt Island

And so we have returned to the B.V.I’s. We have come full circle around the Caribbean as we head into the final week of the most epic adventure of our lives. Sailing all through the night, we all enjoyed our last shifts on watch teams. I know that watch team three, the all-girls watch team, had some great talks and laughs together. Watch team two, Samson, Noah, Jon, and Matty, also had a great morning watch: they got to see humpback whales breaching during their shift!! We’ve all wanted to see whales this whole trip, and while I confess that I’m a bit jealous, seeing Sam be so ecstatic about her first-ever whale sighting makes me grin for her. As a tradition, while Captain Spice clears us into the country, the rest of the crew cranks out a little boat appreciation. Today’s B.A. consisted of us all throwing on some scuba gear and hopping into the water to scrub the algae off our beloved Ocean Star’s hull. We will do just about anything to get to log more dives into our logbook!! After B.A., we went exploring around the Baths of Virgin Gorda. And oh boy, this was fun!!! Such a stellar place for rock jumping, swimming, and cave exploring. The evening brought our last OCE lecture with Ivy. Don’t you worry parents, we are all being super studious and gearing up for our approaching finals. Living it up and loving every day, as always. See you soon, folks!