Location: Underway to the Galapagos

Today we started our first full day of the passage to the Galapagos. My morning started seeing a dolphin surrounded by bioluminescence swimming under the bow on watch at 03:30. This afternoon in oceanography class, we started presenting our literature review presentations today. We heard from Gillian Nico, Riley, Me, Thea, and Renee. In leadership, we had an activity learning about our personality types as we see them and as others see them where you select cards that have traits written on them that represent aspects of a certain personality type, and then others give you cards that have traits they think represent you. Mac was our head chef today with Gillian and Bella sous cheffing; they made gnocchi with pesto and sausage for lunch and vegetarian chili for dinner. Both were delicious. We raised the flying jib for the first time this passage, and we were sailing today at 7 knots without the mainsail. Everyone is getting back into the rhythm of passage and ready for the next week of sailing.

Current Position:
6 10.9865′ N
80 49.1073′ W

Dinner this evening
The sunset
Sam helming