Location: West End, Tortola

Not only have we come full circle on the job wheel, but we are back in West End where, a mere 19 days ago, 14 brand new shipmates stepped onboard Ocean Star for the first time. Shipmates enjoyed a lie-in this morning in the peaceful Great Harbor at Peter Island. After an Eggs Benedict breakfast, we dropped our mooring ball and motored back to our starting place, a dock in Soper’s Hole at the West End of Tortola. Shipmates demonstrated their skills one final time as they threw dock lines and managed fenders, guiding Ocean Star gently into her slip on the inside of the T. Everyone worked hard to restore our boat’s beauty after her days at sea. We enjoyed pizza and wings on the dock for lunch, and then shipmates packed their bags. Were now dressed in our finest Caribbean attire, ready for our last squeeze. Then we’re headed across the harbor to the Fish n Lime Restaurant for steak, Chicken Kiev, and some quality time together this evening. Shipmates are sad to leave, but their memories of this adventure will last a lifetime. That’s a wrap on Ocean Stars’ day Summer voyage in the Caribbean!