Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

Hello All,
What a day it has been on Argo!
To start, we got to wake up in one of the most picturesque places on Earth. It was so beautiful that our early morning squad woke up extra early to watch the sunrise! (as an avid sleeper and non-morning person, I slept through the much described “world’s most amazing sunrise.”) Soon after breakfast, we left the Cays and started our little passage back to St. Vincent to have time for LoLo to provision (a very important job some people, Renee, feel very strongly about) and to get a Covid test in order to be let into Panama. Back at our favorite mooring at Young Island, we headed straight into passage prep because wait for it, we start our WEEK long passage to Colon, Panama tomorrow! Everyone had a blast completing all the little and big tasks that go into preparing for a passage, including removing many moldy green peppers from the fridge and cramming into tight spaces to clean water out of a bilge. Dinner came soon after, and thanks to our amazing head chef and favorite Marine Bio teacher, Amanda, the enchiladas tasted deliciously delicious. I got to ask the traditional post-dinner squeeze question tonight, and as a fan of Hide and Seek, I asked the question, “If you could hide anywhere on Argo and not be found, where would you hide?” There were many fantastic answers from staff and student alike (e.g., in a Gumby suit, under the bunks, up the mast, and dragging behind the stern, to name a few), but the best (or worst) came from Tim, who said he would hide under the black water tank and get comfy with the green goop that lives down there.

Signing out,
P.S. Hi Mom, Liv, and Grandpa! I’ll call you when we get to Panama!
PPS–Happy birthday Payton!!!!! xoxo Renee

1. Myself, Thea, Marina, Mac, and Lewis coming back from the BBQ beach night.
2. Renee, Izzy, Marina, Elie, and Felipe studying.
3. Sunset at Young Island with our neighbor, Wylde Swan, in the background.
4. Argo in the water near Young Island.
5. Crystal blue waters of Tobago Cays with some background boats.