Location: St. Barth's

As the day comes to an end aboard Argo, I would like to tell you about our day here in St. Barths. It all started at 7 am for breakfast, then we did our clean up. Afterward, we headed into the saloon for some how-to presentations. For example, Glenn taught us how to build an air cannon – this will be useful during race week. Hannah D showed us some yoga, which was a good way for us all de-stress and relax. Then it was time to make landfall in St. Barth’s as we loaded up in the dinghy in groups of five, all with laptops praying we don’t get wet, yet we always do. When we got on to dry land, we got into our groups for the day, with some of us surfing waves and others surfing the web. An epic time was had by all!