Location: Port St. Charles, Barbados

After catching the strong Caribbean winds and getting some good sailing in, we finally arrived at our first stop in the island-hopping half of the trip. We were welcomed into our port of call, Port St. Charles, a few hours after first light, ready to put the boat to bed for the week. Although most of the boat appreciation is being saved for tomorrow, our deckie team of the day gave Argo a solid deck rinse from bow to stern while the rest of the crew worked away organizing down below. Everyones efforts were later rewarded with some quality time ashore to get our bearings and find some fresh fruit to snack on. As everyone reconvened later in the afternoon, we were happily surprised by the news of dinner onshore, followed by a night out. The return to the boat was quite a sluggish one as most of us have been up since 4 AM, but a full nights sleep and an 8 oclock wake up tomorrow morning should put everyone back in shape to take on the full day tomorrow.