Location: Cocoa Bay, Barbuda

Ahoy there from S/Y Ocean Star!
Today’s adventure began with a nice easy 7 am start. I woke up the crew and let them file slowly out of bed up to deck for our awesome breakfast of eggs, toast, and bacon. Immediately after breakfast, we began preparations for our big day ashore on Barbuda. Our wonderful chefs woke up at 5 am so that they could make both breakfast and lunch for us. Lunch was tacos, which they made beforehand so we could bring them ashore with us. The plan was to take a dinghy ride to the ferry docks and make a 45-minute walk to the only town on Island, Codrington.

Upon arriving on shore, we quickly realized that the estimation of our 45-minute walk was a little off. I think that actual time was just under two hours, but we had a nice breeze at our backs and managed to make some good quality time out of our little hike. Our first stop upon arriving in Codrington was the Burgers and Water restaurant, where they had barracuda, venison, lobster, and beef burgers but no water. However, they did have some ice-cold cokes instead of water.

After our burgers and coke, we walked around the small sleepy town of Codrington, visiting the only supermarket on the island, which was the same size as a small gas station. However, they had some of the coldest and most refreshing air we had had in a while, along with some cold drinks. After that, Ian managed to land us a guided tour of the island while trying to help Tom find a massage. Our tour guide took us all the way down to the far end of the island, where we hiked caves, saw amazing views, found a geocache, and visited the tree of life. After a fun time at the caves, we made our way back to Codrington, where we met George, a boat tour guide, who took us all along Codrington Lagoon, which he said was the largest lagoon on this side of the Caribbean. We learned the history of the island, all about how Codrington was a person who owned the island on a lease from England of 1 fat sheep a year. We learned how he lured ships into the surrounding reefs using fake lighthouses, then looted the ships when they ran aground. We also learned that Barbuda produces the largest and most handsome men in the Caribbean, which apparently included George’s son. We were also taken to see the frigate bird colonies while on the boat ride. The frigate birds look small from a distance, but up close, you can see how their wingspan is well over 6 feet.

After our boat ride, our tour guide kindly saved us from another 2-hour walk and dropped us off at the ferry docks to be picked up. We then enjoyed another short dingy ride back to Ocean Star, where we were treated to another five-star dinner of rice veggie curry. All in all, it was a pretty awesome day. We got to explore a new island, meet some nice people, eat some yummy burgers without water, and just enjoy our surroundings. Tomorrow is our last day in Barbuda, and tomorrow night is our first-night passage. But tomorrow’s skipper can tell you what tomorrow holds, and so for now, I must say goodbye!

Your Favorite Skipper, Nic Silard