Location: Tarragona, Spain

This morning we ate a quick breakfast of homemade crepes before hopping on a train to Barcelona. The train cars were pretty packed so the crew had to split up before regrouping at the train station entrance. Many of us decided to explore Park Guell. Here we found several performers hoping for a few Euro, or a donation for a CD. We saw full groups singing and dancing, as well as an American man playing an instrument strongly resembling a turtle shell. Park Guell overlooked the entire city; it was an impressive sight. Some groups also spent the day exploring the local food markets, massive cathedrals, and the famous Old Town. Following the day’s festivities, the crew sat down for a nice meal out. The food was good and everyone had way more than they could eat. After dinner, the night out in Tarragona began. It’s a much bigger town than it appears. Everyone was excited to exchange chats over a beer. The general consensus is that we all enjoyed our time here. We set sail tomorrow afternoon, and look forward to our next destination. set date: 2012-10-08