Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Hello fantastic readers

This morning started with the three of us jumping in, continuing to scrub and scrape the hull. Making Ocean Star smooth and sleek, removing all the barnacles, oysters, and thousands (yes, thousands upon thousands) of arthropods (see attached photos for a little look) making Ocean Star their home. In their defense, Ocean Star is prime real estate for a barnacle- international travel, constant flow of food passing by as we cruise the seas, and a bustling community. It came down to the three of us to ruin all of this and create chaos by sadly (but not for Ocean Star) removing them. This made all the small fish of Antigua extremely happy as it became feeding time for three days straight. After Ocean Star’s bath time, sadly no bubbles for her, we continued working on the interior, giving her a makeover. It really is Ocean Star’s lucky day.

Amanda took to marking the Oceanography celebration of knowledge that was taken yesterday, bringing the science courses to a conclusion. Steve went hunting for more wood to strip and revarnish whilst Lolo and I made the salon and 6-man cabin a touch brighter with a new lick of paint.

Whilst Ocean Star is starting to look all prim and proper; it still doesn’t compare to life during program with all of us on board wishing you were all back in Antigua with us.