Location: Green island, Antigua

Wowzers! Today was amazing! The weather held off, and we all enjoyed a sun-filled day! After finishing up an oceanography class around 0930, Team Elkhorn set out for the battlegrounds, returning victoriously yet again. A team was dispatched ashore to explore the island while Stu and Simon set out to windsurf. We had a salty lunch comprised of chips, grilled cheese, and Ramen. The afternoon was filled with more in-water exercises for rescue divers. Around 1630, all headed ashore for a cookout and campfire. Everyone enjoyed fine meats or alternative tasty non-meat treats. As the sunset in the west, we diligently lit the fire built by our resident Eagle Scout Curry. We enjoyed good company only a few feet from the water with a full moon and star-filled sky looking down on us. The mood was very relaxed as we all shared old stories. It was an amazing night indeed. Around 2000, the majority of the crew returned to Ocean Star, while the remaining opted to stay ashore and enjoy the warm fire and breeze for another hour.