Location: Green Island, Antigua

I roused the crew at 7am for a breakfast of eggs and muffins, compliments of Mark and Snoop. We departed English Harbour at 8am sharp and motored our way past the coastal Fort Berkley. Much like our passage to Antigua a few days ago the sea was rough, and the swells occasionally splashed over the bow. Staying about 1 mile offshore we motored the 8 miles to Green Island, which we entered cautiously due to shallow reefs. Luckily we had the Birdman’s sharp eyes in the crows nest as a lookout. Today was also our final dive for our advanced certification. The Underwater Navigation dive lasted almost an hour and was smooth for all. The culmination of the day was a beach cook-out and a campfire, which we all enjoyed after the hustle and bustle of English Harbour.