Location: Key West, USA

Today we started the day off with a Marine Biology class then had a half hour to roam and relax before a TBA group activity, which turned out to be Hobie cat sailing and a day at the beach. At 11am the 1st van ride was heading to the beach. We took turns on the Hobie cats. It was a great time spent on the water we sailed about half an hour then switched groups. There were a few people that have done this before and a few like me who have never done it before so we paired up and headed out. After a couple of us flipped our Hobie cats we came in for the day and had lunch, which was sandwiches and chips. For the next few hours we hung out on the beach, played volleyball, and passed a rugby ball around. At 2pm a group went back to the boat while a few stayed for an extra hour or so. Once people were back at the boat some had showers, some watched a movie and others just hung out until the 6 o’clock squeeze. Tonight was a dinner night out. So after squeeze everyone split up and headed out for dinner.