Location: Cat Island, Bahamas

Our luck could not have been any better; we arrived on Cat Island on their most important sporting day of the year. It was, in fact, the equivalent of the super bowl playing the Bahamian national sport known as “bulldog.” A sophisticated and complex battle of cunning and endurance, which is very similar to its American counterpart known as sharks and minnows with one very big difference in that it involves tackling each other on a beach. Not to worry parents, injuries were localized to staff members Matty and Kris, who came back in shambles and were informed they were, no longer the spring chickens they once were numerous times by shipmates. It was all around a great day spent on a gorgeous island and were reminded the best things in life are free. Everyone now freshly provisioned and physically exhausted agrees we are 100% ready to tackle our longest passage thus far to the wondrous BVI. Hopefully, all the sand in our hair will be gone by then.