Location: Antigua

Today was a good day to wake up to the sun. After breakfast, we went through the schedule of the day. We were to get ready to move to Catamaran Marina to get some fuel. We got all the fenders and lines ready, everybody got into position, and both dinghies were lunch. One of the dinghies brought some crew members to shore so that they were prepared to catch lines, and the other dinghy stayed close to Ocean Star in case they needed to assist with docking maneuvers. When we were docked, tasks were assigned to complete the fueling process in an efficient way. My job was to check how much fuel we had in the tanks to prevent them from overflowing. Everything went smoothly, and we were ready to move on right after lunch. In the meantime, some also used the opportunity to take a look at the other boats in the marina. Some of them were really pretty. After lunch, we went back to our spot in front of Pigeon Beach, where the conditions were nice for the practical part of the Rescue Diver course. The class started with the theory part, although later in the afternoon, we jumped in the water for the first practical activities. We learned some techniques to self-rescue ourselves, for example, in case of a cramp. We also practiced how to respond to a tired diver and a panicking diver, both at the surface and the three different types of tows, to help divers to safety. Rain showers kept coming and going, but it was not a big deal. After all, we were wet already. We connected rescue time with shower time right before dinner. After dinner, we watched a series of Ted talk videos for Marine Biology class. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a day with more rainbows!