Location: Bonaire

Today our crewmate Bennitt was born! On this magical day, a full-grown, 20-year old blonde man arrived on Vela. He arrived on the back of a manta ray, a dolphin, and a beluga whale (even though beluga whales are not native to this area – very strange). He was wearing the head garment of his people, the traditional blue bandana. Upon his arrival, we sang the ceremonial “Happy Birthday” song and ate the sacred birthday cake.

Besides the birth ceremony, we got ready for passage. Yippee!

Now for some staff appreciation! Leoni is always ready to jump into any task with a sense of humor and clever problem-solving skills; she also apparently speaks German really well, even though I’ve only ever heard her speak English. Shona is the nicest Irish person I’ve ever met, and I’ve met two whole Irish people (but for real, she is incredibly sweet.) Tom (pronounced Tum) doesn’t know how to juggle, but that’s okay because he plays chess like a frickin’ god #chessmaster. Smash is working incredibly hard to grow her wrench fingers, and we’re all very proud of her; Smash is also still learning how to sail (Tum said to add that part). Adelaide can talk to fish and also sometimes talks to people (but mostly fish). Calum is very tall and now owns Lulu Lemon pants. WE LOVE THE STAFF! Thank you for all your hard work!


Photo 1: Bennitt enjoying his ceremonial birth cake
Photo 2: The sacred birth cake
Photo 3: Greg being Greg
Photo 4: Greg still being Greg
Photo 5: Katelyn practicing bench acrobatics
Photo 6: Sonnet, Smash, and Bennitt doing something with a sail
Photo 7: Sonnet, Drej, Meghan, and Charlie going into the boat’s dungeon for a time-out because they left their fans on
Photo 8: Max and Andrea practicing their pirate skills