Location: Beq

Getting close to half way done on this epic crusade, though recent thoughts have only been on our grades, It was our second day in Bequia, another beautiful stop, Waking up to chef Edouards favorite Pink Floyd drop- the lovely smell of toast lingering through the bunks- some hoping to have over easy yolks for their preferred dunks- An awesome meal it was as every chef has present to us- You could tell by hearing only ripples on the hull with little to no discuss- Then time for essays, homework and an awesome Plankton lab, watching microscopic organisms swarming the smallest water dab- Then free time to head to shore and catch up on shopping or internet cafes- Snagging fresh fruits along the road and curried conch wraps; that’ll start a new craze- Seeing local whale tooth crafts and necklaces and suede seed creations- While having endless friendly consultations in our island migrations- Checking out boats and beaches while collecting shells- Getting cool breezes from the mountains and local culinary smells- Afternoon comes and we start to head “home” with anxious thoughts of dinner filling our domes- Showing gifts and picking words from the new pirate books bought- Then finishing oceanography and bio work from classes just taught- The nightly question followed by a feast of pasta and bacon- To finally having some needed night sleep after our Maritime midterm was taken- 10 o clock comes quick and Anchor Watch is on- First shifts try to read the millions of stars- with later watches awaiting the first break of dawn- Oh its good to be sailing and living with such a great few- I don’t think I’ll have another experience quite like this and maybe nor you- But you’re never too far from the great times we have or amazing things we do- thanks to this incredible blog written by the Ocean Star Crew!